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5 Tips To Build Stronger Fences

How to build fences to withstand strong winds, wet climates and ground water.

1# Get The Posts Right

The most important part of any fence are the posts. They must be, plumb, in line with one another and able to carry the load. If you can get it in the budget we recommend using Cedar posts, they have natural oils that protect against water damage. Be sure to attach the post and framing with weather coated screws that don't rust.

2# More Than Holes

When digging the holes for the fence posts it's important to dig down at least 25% the hight of the post if not more. For a standard 8 foot post you want to dig 24" down plus 4" for room for gravel. The holes should 12" wide and be straight down or ideally bell out at the bottom. Be sure they aren’t wider at the top that the bottom. This can cause strong winds to up-root posts, fence and all.

3# Concrete And Gravel

You want to put 3-4" of large gravel in the bottom of the post holes before you put in the posts to allow for drainage away from the post. Once your holes are dug the gravel is poured in the bottom of the hole and the post is set in place and leveled, pour a dry bag of concrete around the post and compact with a tamping rod. At the top of the concrete slop the concrete away from the post to shed water. Then seal the crack between concrete and the post with silicone. This prevents water penetration and preserves from water damage.

4# Fasteners

Use 3" coated deck screws for attaching the framing to the posts. Theses are stronger, hold better and out last most type of nails. On the slats you can use coated nails with ring shanks for better hold strength, or you can use shorter coated deck screws.

5# Post Caps And Design

Post caps can help shed water off the top of the posts preventing water damage and wood rot. If wind is a concern consider a design that allows wind to go through the slats rather that completely blocking with a solid wood fence. The shadow box design allow for wind to go though the cracks with out sacrificing the privacy aspect of the fence.

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