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5 Warning Signs Your Sump Pump Could Fail

Sump Pumps are an important system to maintain in order to prevent basements or crawlspaces from flooding. We have put together a helpful guide for homeowners to identify problems with sump pumps before they completely fail.

1# Constantly Running

If your sump pump is constantly running it could be undersized for your home, on its last leg or clogged.

2# Old and Rusty

Most sump pumps last 5-10 years depending on if they are installed properly, maintained well and large enough to handle the amount of water you get in your basement or crawl space.

3# Stopped Turning On

If you haven’t heard your sump pump turn on in a while even if it rains you may need to test it and see if it's still working.

4# Wired Noises

Many sump pump systems start to make a grinding or a pounding sound when they are reaching the end of their lives. If you start hearing strange sounds coming from your sump pump it time to get it checked out or get a new one.

5# Improper Installation

If your sump pump was installed poorly, if the drainage line is not removing the water properly or the electrical is exposed to the water these could cause major issues when heavy rains or flooding come.

We recommend having a your sump pump inspected by a professional plumber every year or two in order to be sure it's in working condition and test it for you.

At Right Angle Home Services we provide sump pump inspections as well as sump pump repairs and sump pump replacements.

If you need your sump pump replaced or a new sump pump installed just call 859-788-0512 or go to to request a quote!

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