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Get Your Deck Ready For Summer!

Updated: May 23, 2023

Imagine the smell of the grill as you prepare to dine with friends, or that first sip of coffee as you watch a breath taking Kentucky sunrise. Be sure to have your deck ready to enjoy all season long!

Check your deck!

In most cases a traditional wooden deck lasts about 15 years. If they are well built and maintained regularly, and stained or sealed every 2-3 years they can last substantially longer. However age is not the only thing affecting the safety of your deck.

Here are a three things to look for when inspecting your deck:

First are there any soft spots in the decking or railing boards? This is an indicator that the wood below is rotted and no longer structural sound.

Second are there cracked or splintered boards? When a deck board is beginning to crack it opens up and allows moisture and debris to fill the void which accelerate the deterioration of the material from the inside out.

Third are the railings, posts or deck structure wobbly? This is most commonly due to fasteners loosening up over time and the deck framing material warping over the years.

Should I replace my deck? With warm weather upon us it's a perfect time to have your deck replaced. Wanting to change the layout or style now is the perfect time. You can even upgrade to a composite material that offers low maintenance and longer life span. Improve your deck this year and enjoy if for years to come!

If you have any concerns about your deck or questions about replacing it please feel free to call Right Angle Home Services at 859-788-0512 Or you can "Request a Quote" at

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