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What's The Best Time Of Year To Build A Deck?

Updated: Feb 22

It’s that time of year again – the end of summer and the start of school, fall sports, then all of a sudden it’s the holiday season. It can feel too late to tackle something new. Maybe you wanted to remodel the kitchen this year, but now the thought of somebody in your kitchen other than you around the holidays is overwhelming. Or maybe whenever you moved into this house you told yourself the first thing you were going to do was remodel the guest bathroom, but now the in-laws are scheduled to come into town next month and tearing up the bathroom seems like the last thing you want to take on.

It’s important to know that there is a huge improvement you can make to your home at any time of year. A deck project! Grilling, watching the kids play in the yard or just drinking coffee in the morning can all be enjoyed from a deck. Believe it or not, there isn’t a better time to

build one than right now (regardless of the time of year you are reading this!)

Spring & Summer:

Pros: Warmer weather has arrived and the time for grilling and playing outside is here. Get on a contractor’s schedule early enough in the spring and you could have that deck ready before summer even starts.

Cons: The biggest issue you’ll run into though is decks are in high demand during this time as well as the materials for completing them. Contractor’s can be booked out for weeks in advance and any delays in your project could push your completion date further away than you had planned.


Pros: Building a deck during this time of year can be advantageous for many reasons. The weather is more predictable which will help limit delays on your project. Contractors in your area will be slowing down and it’ll be easier to get on their schedule. Also, starting in the fall almost guarantees that by spring your new deck will be ready to enjoy!

Cons: If you start building your deck in the fall you will have to wait until winter weather passes before you can enjoy your investment.


Pros: The demand for lumber is much lower during this time and can help you start your project sooner. The ground will be harder which will result in less damage to your yard and landscaping. Also, winter is usually the slowest time of year for contractors so finding somebody suited for your project and schedule will be much easier. The other benefit is you won’t be needing your outdoor space as much during this time, so scheduling those outdoor parties around the project of your deck won’t be an issue.

Cons: Building a deck in Lexington Kentucky during the winter is possible, but there are often weather delays from snow, rain, hail, ice storms or thunder sleet. If you plan to build during the winter be sure to offer your contractor a hot cup of coffee!

Happy To Help!

Whatever time of year is best for you and your family we are here to help! Our skilled craftsmen at Right Angle Home Services are excited to guide you though the process of designing and building your dream deck. Find our more at or call us at (859)--788--0512

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