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Client Success Story: Custom Pool Deck

Ben S., Lexington, KY

"Daniel responded immediately to our online request for a quote to build a deck. Before coming across Right Angle we had contacted several other companies with NO response at all. The process from start to finish was clearly explained and the deck was finished right on time. Trent was such a hard worker and did an excellent job on our deck. It is beautiful!"


Ben and his wife contacted multiple contractors who either did not respond or were not interested in helping with their project. When they contacted us, we were responsive and scheduled an initial meeting with them within a few days. After hearing their vision and "why" for creating a deck around their existing above-ground pool, we shared our unique solutions to serve their needs and desires.

When we entered the design phase, we designed a layout, created drawings, acquired necessary permits, and selected materials with them. Then, we presented a proposal for the construction of their deck with a fixed price. They loved and approved it!

Once we started the project, we faced a few obstacles that required us to get creative. There were a few modifications to the design because of bedrock that we found while digging the footers. Additionally, a large tree stump intruded the construction zone so we installed a beam to span across it to build the deck around the pool.

When we finished construction, Ben and his wife were pleased with the speed and quality of our work and with our communication throughout the process. Now, they can enjoy the deck and swim in their pool with their children and grandchildren!

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