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Tech Tips: Homeowners' Biggest Frustrations with Their Kitchens

Right Angle Home Services provides kitchen remodeling services to Lexington, KY, and its surrounding areas.

Kitchens are important aspects of our homes. It has become a place where we share meals, conversations, and memories with those we love. Yet, why are so many kitchens in homes on the market today poorly designed or difficult to live in?

  • 70% of Americans doubt they'll find a home they love in 2024.

  • 72% of recent homebuyers regret their home purchases. The functionality of the layout is a huge reason for regret.

  • Roughly 42% of people decided to remodel their kitchens in 2023 because of their outdated style, being the top reason people decided to do any kind of remodel in 2023.

Many people hate their kitchens because it is inconvenient, dysfunctional, ugly, and dated. These are the top complaints we hear from people about their kitchens:

  1. Storage and counter space: Usable space within your kitchen.

  2. Traffic patterns: This is how you flow through your kitchen to do different tasks.

  3. Lighting: This includes task lighting and entertainment lighting for your space.

  4. Room relationships: These are the rooms around your kitchen. It matters how these rooms interact with your kitchen.

  5. Aesthetics: This is the beauty of your kitchen.

How do we overcome these problems? Although many people have to buy houses they don't love, if they're willing to invest in a house to make it feel like home, remodeling is the way to ensure you get a kitchen that is functional, well-designed, and unique to you. When designing your dream kitchen, don't let these details get neglected when the paint colors and beautiful surfaces are more exciting details to plan out. The layout, flow, and ambiance of your kitchen must work together to achieve a kitchen you will love for years to come. Style trends come and go, but quality, functionality, and beauty don't expire.

Schedule a meeting with us today to start discussing your kitchen remodel!

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