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Tech Tips: Prepping Your Deck for Summer!

This Tech Tip is from Right Angle's owner, Daniel White.

Deck season is QUICKLY approaching!

Has your deck suffered through many muggy summers and freezing winters in Lexington? Sun exposure, moisture, and time are the main causes of deck deterioration, which are often impossible to avoid.

Warning Signs Your Deck Needs Help:

1) Boards are warped or bending, indicating they have come loose from the nails or screws.

2) Cracks along the grain of the wood boards, accompanied by sunken or soft areas around the screw or nail head. The cracks allow water to seep into the board and end up rotting it from the inside out.

3) The board under the deck against the house, the ledger board, is soft or damaged. This can be very dangerous because this is the board that stabilizes and supports the deck.

4) Wobbly or rickety railings or support posts.

Getting your deck repairs scheduled now will ensure you enjoy the upcoming deck season worry-free. Call us today to get your deck repairs scheduled for the Spring and Summer!

Is your deck free of these warning signs but needs refreshing? Here are simple steps to revive your wood deck to its former beauty:

Step 1: Clean your deck.

Sweep off leaves and dirt that have accumulated since last summer.

Wash your deck with a scrubbing brush and a bleach cleanser. Opt for an oxygenated bleach instead of chlorine to avoid ruining the wood. Rinse with a hose after scrubbing your deck with the cleaner.

Step 2: Sand your deck.

To avoid moisture messing with the sanding process, choose a dry day that is at least 48 hours after you clean it. You will need an orbital sander with 60- to 80-grit sandpaper. Be sure to sand all areas of your deck floor, handrails, and posts. 

Step 3: Stain your deck.

Evenly spread your stain of choice with a paintbrush and paint roller. Wait at least 24 hours before applying the second coat of stain.

If you’re ready for beautiful and sunny Lexington, KY weather, let’s get your deck ready too!

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