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Client Success Story: Deck Transformation in Willow Oak

Willow Oak Neighborhood in Lexington KY

Dave P., Lexington, KY

"The old has passed away; behold, the new has come! At least, that’s the way we feel and what we say about it. The ‘before’ pic is our 20+ year-old weather-deteriorated lumber deck that we had repeatedly stained and painted every few years, only to have it peel, and we’d have to do it again. And some of the deck planks were beginning to ‘give way’ under our feet. The ‘after’ pic is the composite ‘new creation’ designed, planned, and built for us by Right Angle. We really couldn’t be happier with the quality, craftsmanship, and service we received from Daniel, Trent, and Jonathan throughout this project – from inception to completion. Every one of them – and all of them working together – was professional, prompt, particular [as in attention to details], precise [as in meticulous] … and especially personable. We got to know each of them, and it was our joy to have them working outside our kitchen window and back door, in and out of the house, for the duration of the project. [They also replaced our back and storm doors and installed new handrails for our front steps.] Daniel, in particular, went to great lengths and measures to acquire the materials and palette we wanted. At the outset, when he could tell we weren’t settled and content with the colors he first presented to us to choose from, he searched and researched further until he found our “Yes! That’s it!” combination. And, every step along the way, Trent and Jonathan were respectful toward us and our desires, willing to ask, tweak, and adjust to our every whim and preference. The finished product is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, creativity, and artistry."

The Problem

Our client's deck was 20+ years old when they came to us wanting to leave behind the constant yearly upkeep of cleaning, staining, painting, and sealing their wooden deck. They had done all that they could to keep it beautiful, but the weathering deteriorated the functionality, stability, and aesthetics of their deck. Some of the deck boards were rotted so badly that they gave way when stepped on.

Our Unique Solution

Recognizing their problems centered around the wood material of the deck that is high-maintenance and has a shorter life span, we designed and proposed building a deck made of composite materials. We helped them select colors that they'd be happy with for many years. This solution ensured a beautiful, low-maintenance deck for 30--50 years.

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