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Client Success Story: Vacation in Europe While We Remodel

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Dark, narrow, and not very functional – our client’s laundry room desperately needed remodeling. She experienced numerous construction projects in the past and hated the mess and hassle of her home becoming a construction site. She was fed up with it disrupting her life, and she knew there must be a way to make her home beautiful and functional without all the headaches. 

Pre-Construction and Design Process

When she reached out to us at Right Angle Home Services, she asked us to complete all the preconstruction design work necessary with her and then do all the construction work on her laundry room while she took a two-week vacation to Europe. Committing to ease the stress of the remodel, we met with her several times leading up to her trip to determine her design interests and select materials accordingly. To simplify the process further, we ordered everything we needed. 

Construction Process

On the same day she left for Europe, we started demolition on the laundry room, tearing everything out. After prepping the room, we started laying new tiles and painting everything. We installed the new cabinets, prepped them for the countertops, and installed a new sink. We built a folding area, a broom closet, and a rack for hanging clothes to add functionality to the space. We concluded by putting in the countertops and thoroughly cleaning the space. 

When she arrived home from her trip to Europe, she was immediately able to use her newly remodeled laundry room. She loved its brightness and functionality, and she loved how easy the remodel felt!

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