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Tech Tips: Bathroom Remodel Misconceptions

Updated: Feb 22

This Tech Tip is from one of our lead technicians, Jonathan Jones.

Bathroom remodels can come with many misconceptions about their ease and affordability! Some people think it’s always super expensive to hire a contractor to remodel or that DIY is the only way to go to save money. But sometimes doing it yourself without the right skills or time can end up costing more if things go wrong. And, not all updates have to break the bank. It’s all about planning and knowing where you can cut costs without cutting corners. Plus, a lot of people think they need to change everything, but in most situations, just a few updates can make a big difference! 

One of the top misconceptions about making a bathroom remodel worth it is that it has to be a major endeavor. However, there are several ways to achieve a beautiful bathroom remodel without breaking the bank. Here are a few misconceptions to be aware of:

Misconception 1: It has to be all or nothing. Many people think that a bathroom remodel means tearing everything down and starting from scratch. However, you can make significant changes by focusing on key areas like the vanity, fixtures, or flooring, rather than doing a complete overhaul.

Misconception 2: Expensive materials are a must. Another misconception is that you need to use expensive materials to achieve a high-quality look. In reality, there are many affordable alternatives available that can mimic the appearance of more expensive materials, such as laminate or vinyl flooring that resembles hardwood or porcelain tile.

Misconception 3: Hiring professionals is always expensive. With some research and DIY skills, you can tackle smaller projects like painting, installing new fixtures, or updating hardware on your own to save money. However, if you choose a trustworthy contractor, they will ensure you do not go over your budget, free you from headaches, provide you with a bathroom you love, and get your remodel done faster than a DIY remodel.

Misconception 4: It will take a long time. Bathroom remodels don’t have to be lengthy projects. By planning, setting a timeline, and focusing on smaller updates, you can complete a bathroom remodel more efficiently. Hiring professionals can aid in speeding up the process of a bathroom remodel.

Remember, an affordable bathroom remodel and minimizing the headaches of remodeling is all about finding creative solutions, prioritizing key areas, and making smart choices within your budget. 

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