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Tech Tips: How to Hire a Contractor You Trust

This Tech Tip is from one of our lead technicians, Trenton Nichols.

Looking for an experienced and trustworthy contractor that you are confident will provide quality work on your home's projects at a fair price can feel daunting, leaving you hesitant and not knowing who to hire. That is why we want to make it simple for you and offer practical tips to help you be confident before hiring a contractor.

Do your research.

1. Ask your friends and family who they have hired and would recommend.

This is the best way to find someone who you can trust to work on your project. You can hear from someone you trust about their firsthand experience.

2. Research online, looking at their reviews and past work.

What are people saying about them? Are their past clients satisfied? Do they have photos of their work that display quality craftsmanship? Does it look like they have experience in the trades required for your home's project?

3. Get an idea of prices from different contractors.

This is to help you get a good idea of different prices for your project. Keep in mind that the cheapest price is not automatically the best option, because cheap contractors are most likely cutting corners to get you the lowest price. Find a contractor with experience and expertise who has a reputation for providing quality work, even if they are more expensive. Your home is worth the investment.

Contact contractors.

Although people are becoming more willing to hire someone over the phone, it is recommended to meet them face-to-face to make sure you can trust them. Take advantage of this time to ask a lot of questions and get to know their character.

Questions to ask a contractor before hiring them:

1. Do you provide this service?

2. What experience do you and your team have with this type of project?

3. Are you licensed and insured?

Search for their license at this website.

4. Do you have a warranty on your work?

5. Can you provide references from past clients?

Get clarity and make a plan.

1. Get everything in writing.

Be sure before you hire a contractor, that there is a written contract detailing the scope of work, payment schedule, and timeline. This will ensure you are both on the same page and provide confidence going into a project.

2. Communicate clearly.

This is one of the most important things to look for in a contractor. How well do you all communicate? Do they understand what you want? Do their words reflect their actions?

3. Know who will be working on your project.

For remodeling contracts, most contractors subcontract to outside specific trades such as electrical, painting, countertop installation, or floor installation. Ask the contractor how long they have worked with their subcontractors and about their quality of work.

4. Monitor the progress.

Stay engaged and involved throughout the whole process. Do not be afraid to ask questions or to bring something up that you do not like about how they are working on the project.

Once you find someone you can trust to provide work you are happy with, you can keep going to them for all your home's needs. Here at Right Angle Home Services, we aim to be your home's right-hand man so you do not have to go through the headache of researching and meeting new contractors every time you have a new project. Give us a call at 859-788-0512 today! We would love to meet you and talk about your home projects.

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