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Tech Tips: Preventing Door Trim Rot

Introducing Tech Tips! We are starting a series of blog posts where you can get tips from our professional technicians at Right Angle. This tech tip is from Daniel White.

Have you noticed some discoloration or a soft spot in the wood at the bottom of your exterior door trim? This can let water into your home and cause major issues.

One of the most common issues we come across for homeowners in Lexington is rot at the bottom of their exterior door trim. It may look insignificant and easy to ignore but even a small gap can let in enough water to cause extensive damage to your house framing.

Many modern door jambs and trim are constructed with finger-jointed pine which can absorb water easily if not protected properly. This pine comes pre-primed from the manufacturer so it appears to be painted, making it easy to overlook when painting the house. Even if it is properly protected with painting and sealing, the paint can wear off or crack over time, allowing water to seep into the door jambs, surrounding floor joists, and framing of the house. This causes extensive rot damage. Beginning with cosmetic issues, this can quickly lead to higher energy bills and structural issues.

Common signs that your door jamb is exposed to moisture:

  • Warping

  • Peeling paint

  • Mold spots

  • Drafts

  • Difficulty closing the door

  • Gaps or small holes at the base of the door trim

If you notice any of these signs on your doors, give us a call at 859-788-0512 now to have a professional inspect it and offer solutions before it gets worse. You deserve a home where you feel safe and comfortable.

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